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Biowärme Schloss SaalhofBiowärme Schloss Saalhof

Renewable energy

The environment is especially important to us as we offer ecological farm stays.

The castle and the hot water in all rooms and apartments of Castle Saalhof is heated with wood chips from our forests. The warmth is provided by the independent company “Biowärme Saalhof” (separate building 100 m away). The Biowärme Saalhof supplies the castle and 6 other customers in the close neighbourhood with its sustainable heat. The Biowärme Saalhof itself is energy-self-sufficient: Its own electric consumption is completely covered by its own solar energy.

Therefore, holidays at Castle Saalhof is an environment-friendly vacation! If you are interested, farmer Hermann will organize a tour through the building of „Biowärme Saalhof“ .

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