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Discover our farm

Pay a visit to the stables daily from 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm
A wonderful highlight for children and young adults: they can watch the animals in the stables, help feeding and milking them - at 4 pm in winter, at 5 pm in summer. Get in close contact with our goats, rabbits, cows, pigs and our horse Simone.

Great for kids: play with our dog Tina or stroke and feed the rabbits called Flecki, Punkti and Strolchi (with rests of salad,…)...
Young guests can enjoy a tour of the hen stable together with the farmer's wife, and collect the freshly laid eggs for breakfast, daily at 8.00 am or 1.00 pm. What a nice experience!

Or do you prefer to accompany farmer Hermann for some rounds on his tractor? Maybe we start with the hay harvest on hot summer days (2-3 x per year)!

Maybe you are lucky and will experience the birth of a baby calf! Then please think of a name…

What is the life of a farmer with a mountain pasture like and what are his duties?  
We organize a weekly hike to our high Alpine mountain pasture and hut.  After a car drive of 1 hour (the mountain pasture is 27 km/17 Miles away) we will walk for about 1 hour to the higher mountain lodge. 110 cattle, 10 horses and 10 goats pasture on 150 Hectars during the summer season from late May to late September.
The visit to the mountain chalet is like time-travelling to the past: How did our ancestors manage to produce cheese and butter without electricity? How did the farm labourers live and work in the mountains?

Enjoyable fruit harvesting: All children are welcome to help us during the fruit-harvesting season (eat as much as you want ...) By the end of June the cherries, in August the red currants and apricots, in September the rowan berries (for the distillation of Schnaps), plumbs, pears and apples have matured. We produce tasty jams made from the fruits and distil our own Schnaps:
100 kg (16 stone) of fruits will produce 7 litres (1.85 Gallons) of Schnaps.

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